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Cinco and the “Wisdom” of Madonna

Two special quotes on this Thursday’s quotes of the week. Note that the Madonna quote is on our refrigerator, just so I’ve got a good laugh when I need it. It always brings a smile to my face, and hopefully to you as well today.

1 – On Cinco de Mayo …

May the fifth be with you.

2 – On that precious self-giving spirit …

I want to be like Martin Luther King, and Gandhi, and John Lennon. But I want to stay alive.

—- Madonna

Happy cinco, everyone!

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Golfer from the Past Encapsules Tiger’s Master’s Mood

I read this quote on the Golf Channel’s website. It was from an article on how smug Tiger Woods was in an interview just after his last round at the Master’s last Sunday. I am sure Tiger sometimes feels the way Ben Hogan did at the US Open in his statement below.

Perhaps he felt this way last Sunday.

“ I hope one day that a deaf mute wins the U.S. Open, so you guys will have to figure things out on your own.”

— Ben Hogan to the press after a US Open round

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How to Get Your Spouse to Change

I hear this often in counseling: “How can I get him to do this?” Or, “How can I get her to think this way?” It’s a common desire to have our mates feel, think and act as we do.

This article from Focus has a good angle on this issue. May you be helped by it or send it on to someone who has that need right now.

A good week to you.


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St. Patrick’s Day Fun Thoughts

A friend of mine sent some fun stuff about St Paddy’s Day I’ll share for our Thursday Quote of the Week. Enjoy:

* It’s okay to pretend we’re Irish on St Patrick’s Day. We pretend we are good at Christmas don’t we?

* If you find a four-leaf clover, you have way too much time on your hands.

* If you pinch me on St Patrick’s Day the road will surely rise to meet your face.

* I actually saw a leprechaun once. Enough green beer and you’ll see all kinds of stuff.

Okay, so my friend’s got an attitude about St Paddy’s Day. Just for fun today. Some Quotes of the Week are deeper than others.

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From Parent to Consultant: Striking the Balance

A critical point in parenting is the transition of your child from adolescence to adulthood. You want your “young adult” to land safely into that part of their life rather than crashing into it. Here is a quick article with that in mind.

BTW, I must say that Focus on the Family has some great brief thoughts on special parts of marriage and family. You would do well to check in with them from time to time. (If not, I’ll just keep referring you to them!)

Enjoy these quick thoughts on going from parent to consultant.


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A God-Thought from WWII, So Relevant Today

Wisdom from the past, from a most courageous and God-fearing woman on God’s sovereign plan for our lives:

Every experience God gives us … every person He puts into our lives … is the perfect preparation for a future only He can see.

Corrie ten Boom

… with thanks from Jeanne Schroder across the pond

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Resources for Wherever You Are in Marriage!

The marriage resources listed below can be found in the CrossWalk – the bookstore on the LifePoint Smyrna campus. I just verified that myself. (They may also be at the Stewart Creek campus, I don’t know – sorry about that SCC!)

Note that these books provide a diversity of marriage topics. This is quite fitting as each marriage is in its own state of mind.(I almost said “state of affairs” but that might not be the best term…)

Different issues.

Different passages of life they are going through.

Different challenges.

That greatly increases the chances that there is a marriage resource just for you! Take a look the next time you are in the area and see what might apply to you.

And thanks to Bobby Goins who so competently manages our CrossWalk. I greatly appreciate his spirit of wanting to provide helpful resources for the people who are a part of or who come through LifePoint.

Here’s the latest list:

Dale and Gena Forehand, Let’s Get Real

Les and Leslie Parrott, Getting Ready for the Wedding

Les and Leslie Parrott, Your Time-Starved Marriage

Gary Chapman, Hope for the Separated

Mitch Temple, The Marriage Turnaround: How Thinking Differently About Your Relationship Can Change Everything

These are excellent resources. I have personally met all of the authors and can speak with confidence about their material. Check them out. You won’t be disappointed.

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Divorce Rates the Same In and Out of Church? Not So Fast!

Toward the end of my seminary studies in Louisville, Selma and I were – like everyone else about to graduate – looking for a job. A church In the Atlanta area had us down for a ‘look-see’ trip. Nice visit but at one point the pastor shared the most curious thing. In response to some comment I made about what statistics said on some subject, he leaned in and shared an old saying:

1 -There are lies.

2 – There are @#%$&*@! lies.

3 – And then there are statistics

In that order.

My virgin ears were aghast over hearing a pastor use a swear word! Anyway, the point he was making is that you can say almost anything with stats, and on that point he was correct. (Incidentally, we turned the church down. I never went to a church where the pastor swore the first time I met him!)

Back to stats. We hear all the time that marriages inside the church are divorcing at the same rate as outside the church. The Baptist Press article below offers another look, challenging us to rethink that statement. It is a fresh approach reminding us that our lives, and even the quality of our marriages, are all about Him. A solid (not perfect but growing) relationship with the Lord is critical to the life and health of a marriage. AND THE STATS BEAR THAT OUT.

Read the article at the link below. And be encouraged, and hopefully inspired to maintain or start that close walk with the Lord. Your marriage deserves it.


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Sobering Thoughts from the Dad of a Teen Idol

Check out Billy Ray Cyrus’ thoughts on Miley’s success. Focus on the Family’s Jim Daly weighs in as well.


I feel for Billy Ray and that’s a feeling I’ve never quite had for him before. (I always thought “Achy, Breaky Heart” was woefully overrated!) Yet, as a dad I can only imagine what it would be like for my daughter to experience that kind of … “success”. When the headlines first came out, I thought Billy Ray was merely blaming Hollywood for his marriage and family issues. He does, however, claim much responsibility for what’s happened himself.

So read the brief article from Focus on Billy Ray and his famous daughter. And join me in praying for him, Miley and his family, such as it is. I don’t know if he needs to experience salvation or not, but we can start there. Then we can pray for God to work His plan in all of their lives.

Finally, pray that you will learn whatever the Lord wants you to learn from what is currently a sad situation, so that we may all be better spouses and parents.

All for His name and glory.

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If Anything Is Worth Remembering, Remember It!

Romance and Roses is, simply put, a celebration of marriage. We held our 12th one last weekend at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Murfreesboro. Close to 600 people attended, all there to celebrate their marriage. As always, tons of laughter coupled with some incredibly encouraging stories from real live couples about their marriages. Engaged couples came along with a couple who danced for us who had been married 60 – yes SIXTY – years!

Incidentally, thank-you to all the many, many workers on our Marriage Planning Team who came through once again. You are jewels. You are a clear portrayal of the Body of Christ, each using their God-blessed talents to make this event come together for His name.

And me? I get to get up and preside at R&R each year, pretending that I know even half of what it takes to put this thing together!

Let’s take a moment to review a principle we shared at R and R this year. Here is the “revised/marriage-applied” version of Philippians 4:8 as our quote for this week. It is certainly a powerful marriage verse as it urges us to think on the good things – of our marriages as well as the rest of our lives.

Finally brothers…

whatever is true about your marriage,

whatever is noble about your marriage,

whatever is right about your marriage,

whatever is pure about your marriage,

whatever is lovely about your marriage,

whatever is admirable about your marriage

- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy about your marriage – think about such things.

If there is anything – ANYTHING – worth remembering about your marriage, remember it with your mate. From time to time, remember it, laugh about it, celebrate the good memories you have had together.

It might just give your relationship the momentum it needs to keep moving in a healthy direction.