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Heads up. Yes, it’s another Dad application. Hey, what can I say? It’s where I am right now.

I am reading Psalms for my quiet time these days. It was the 9th day so I read the 9th Psalm. (Don’t ask me what I’ll do when I get to day 32 – April 1. I don’t know. It’s not a clean as Proverbs with 31 of those!) Anyway, it’s Sunday morning and I’m having my quiet time. (Inicdentally, please have your quiet time on Sunday before church. Pat is always telling us not to come to church to worship. Rather, we need to come to church worshiping. I challenge you to already have the spirit of worship coming from your QT before the actual worship service. Those of you who have little kids to get ready for church, God bless you. I’ve been there. It’s okay to have your QT the night before!)

Sorry for the digression, but you keep interuptting me – ha!

In Psalms 9:13b and 14a it says this: Have mercy and lift me up from the gates of death, that I may declare your praises.

The writer is asking to be spared from death. And if he is, he will live his life praising the One who spared him. I read that and several applications came all at once. (He does that sometimes.) As He spares us from the gates of death – in other words – as He gives us life – we need to live in praise to Him. It’s why we are here- to glorify Him. Then, I saw my Dad’s situation. Feeding tube. Not able to talk. Doctors tell us every week: "This is a very sick man". As long as the Lord keeps him from the gates of death, God is expecting to gain glory from Dad, his family and the overall situation.

That Sunday afternoon, the 9th, Mom was by his side as she has been for these months now. Not quite as often but she gets there when she is able. No one was in the room but the two of them. Mom was talking away to him. Then she prayed for and with him. Then she sang worship songs in front of him. And more prayer and singing, etc. Unbeknownst to Mom, a nurse was behind her for much of the time. The nursed was touched. It really spoke to her of Mom’s unconditional love for Dad. And her love for the One who taught her about unconditional love. A strong witness in times of unimaginable crisis.

One Sunday morning lesson from Psalm 9 for me: the Lord told me that Dad hasn’t gone through the door of death yet because God is still getting praise for Himself through his life. Dad lives on. God gets the glory.

A wise son may bring  joy to his parents, but what a joy to know that as long as Dad (and Mom) are spared from the gates of death, He will be glorified. You have made me proud, you two. I want you to know that even though neither of you will ever read this blog. I know you know.


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    DUDE!!! You S.O. need to put a “kleenex alert” at the top of your posts so we come prepared! :) :)
    Or, maybe I should just get one before I start reading, as a rule of thumb.

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