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55th Birthday Memories

Tons of fun on my birthday yesterday! My wife has a way of expanding everyone's birthday into days. Mine started on Sunday with a special lunch with the family. It was then she revealed that we were having an extended family celebration of my birthday this weekend. i love my wife. She really knows how to spoil the family. She is awesome at that.

Here are some quick reflections from yesterday:

* Walking into my office in the morning and seeing EVERYTHING decorated with FIFTY-FIVE and HAPPY BIRTHDAY banners everywhere. (If they weren't too old, I'd pounch on my girls!) Imagine explaining to everyone you counseled why your office looked like a party!

* Lunch with Pat and Kyle. It was a real birthday treat in that I didn't have to pay for THEIR lunches!

* Having people you didn't recognize coming up to you at the restaurant wishing you a happy birthday. The power of Twitter, the blog and Face Book these days …

* Being called into the main office area for a surprise party of b'day cupcakes with the staff. (Thanks, Leslie!)

* Teaching some parenting concepts with Chris Hollomon to 200 parents at church last night. Eager audience ready to do what it takes to become better parents to their kids.

Finally, there is no other day that I know of who , along with me, have August 19 as their birthday. Some I'm proud to share my day with, while some …

Maybe you know as many on your birthday but look at these:

– Bill Clinton

– Tipper Gore

– Amy Goen – yep that's Kyle's wife

– Kyra Sedgewick (The Closer- one of our fav's!)

– Matthew Perry

– Willie Shoemaker famous jockey

– LeAnn Womack

– Peter Gallagher

– Lil' Romeo

– Adam Arkin (actor – you'd recognize him)

– Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek creator)

– Ogden Nash

–  John Stamos (Jessie from Full House)

– Mary Jo Fernandez (tennis star)

– Steve Sloan (former Alabama quartback from my home town and former Vandy football head coach.He actually signed me to a football scholarship to Florida State in another life – that's another story though)

– Steve Clark (good Cleveland, TN friend of mine)

– Jill St. John (movie star from yesteryear - hey I am 55!)

– Orville Wright (went to high school with him just before he and his brother took the first flight :-)

– Coco Chanel (remember Chanel No. 5?)

– Malcolm Forbes

It's just for fun, but I think it's a pretty impressive list. Take a look and see who was born on your birthday so you can brag about it on your next birthday blog … or the day after!

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