07 May 2008 ~ 3 Comments

Looking Back on a Year of Blogging

Today begins my second year of blogging. On May 6 of last year, Jason Stewart held my hand as we set up this blog. (He’d been after me to do it for 6 months! Thanks, man. You’ve really opened up a world that has helped my writing and caused me to think out loud. Most times, that is a good thing.) Stew got me set up on Typepad which I highly recommend for a blog site. It’s got all these cool stats you can monitor every day. (And the stats keep you really vain about yourself, too! Sometmes vain, sometimes humbling depending on how often you check this blog!)

Here is a round up of stats for the year:

* I’ve written 63 posts in the past year. That’s a little over one per week.

* You have sent 88 comments in response to what I’ve written. Who will be the 100th?

* The hits each week on this site are up to about 200 per week.

* Total number of hits for the year (drum roll, please): 9620 (I was hoping to get to 10K before the first year. See! I told you this was making me vain!) Who will be the 10,000th?

I sometimes share these stats with Pat Hood, our senior pastor, and he just laughs. He never looks at his stats. (I am sure he gets several hundred hits per day on his. It’s all relative, isn’t it?)

Anyway, thank you for looking at my blog for this year. It has been my honor to put some thoughts on the keyboard for you to see.

Coming in future "Get a Rooms":

– Half Marathon review

– A lesson in humility from CJ Mahaney and Dr. Luke’s gospel

– A new writing and video project Selma and I are working on

Here’s to another year of blogging … and, of course, counting!

3 Responses to “Looking Back on a Year of Blogging”

  1. Dori 7 May 2008 at 1:59 pm Permalink

    Congrats on your anniversary with blogging. I just celebrated my 1 year back in March and I’ve been amazed at the friendships that God has brought to me through it and the ones that He has rekindled.
    Anyway, ask Selma when we can set her blog up! :)

  2. Tiffany 8 May 2008 at 1:00 am Permalink

    YAY! I’m glad you’re a blogger and I get to read some of your thoughts! And I second the motion for Selma to be blogging!!! It was nce to see her a couple of weeks ago when I was “skyped in” to Tina H.’s bible study! The connection was super slow but it was SO good to see her beautiful face! It would be nice to see yours tooooooooo! (hint hint that you need to get set up on Skype!!) Ask Stew I am SURE he’ll be able to help ya!

  3. Ruth Meyer - LaVergne TN 22 May 2008 at 8:25 pm Permalink

    That is just funny Rodney. I got nothing just thought it was funny that you are keeping up with all that. You crack me up. I am just trying to get you closer to 100 comments my friend.

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