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Do You Have a ‘Reading Strategy’? Here’s Mine …

As I look back on the last installment of “What I’m Reading Lately” it is rather amazing. A small miracle, without getting melodramatic. I actually completed all of those books! Usually I get a number of them started and finish a lesser number. Someone once asked me, “Do you read a lot of books?” A reasonable question. Shamefully, I remember answering, “No, I just collect them.” Sadly that was once closer to the truth.

Now it’s a little different story. I am more strategic in my selections. Sometimes I will read a novel while I am reading a bio. (I love bios.) At the same time I will throw in a sports book on running or something. Then I will read professionally on marriage, family, counseling, maybe a little theology, etc. I find that when I am reading something lighter (bio, novel for ex) my heavier reading comes along nicely. I read the lighter stuff a little faster which encourages my weightier reading to do the same.

Note that I do not read something to get it finished. I’ve got enough notches on my reading belt. Rather, a colleague from a long time ago (Joe Wiles) told me his theory: you can actually comprehend more when you read it a little faster. I have found that to be true. That is why I try to read simultaneously.

So here is what I’ve got going as 2013 unfolds:

Just Read …

Killing Lincoln, Bill O’Reilly. Read Killing Kennedy while on a plane to Thailand in December. ‘Kennedy’ was a great narrative and so is this one. A toss up as to which I liked best. Well-written, compelling detail, and soooo informative!

50 Years on the Bench, Jack Clark. Written by one of my best friends in Cleveland, TN. Jack is my piano mentor as well. A great walk through the “golden years” of gospel quartets! Some hilarious and compelling stories of his 1/2 century on the (piano) bench.

Bring Me the Head of John Grisham, Stefano Boscutti. Weird. Unique. As quirky as the title. Best part: it was short.

Currently Reading …

A Full House of Growing Pains, Barbara Cameron. The mom of Kirk and Candace Cameron take you through the ins and outs of Hollywood and staying grounded while two of her four kids hit it big in the limelight. Great story of how Christ came to be the major part of their whole family and each one in it. Great marriage storyline, too, as they recovered and are now once again crazy about each other.

Impact Player, Bobby Richardson. Storied career of his life with a storied team: the New York Yankees of the 1960’s. One of my heroes as a kid. Strong believer in Christ. Never got to meet him. Ironically, I did get to meet one of his teammates once – a fellow by the name of Mickey Mantle. (Alas, I’m namedropping, sorry.)

On Deck …

The Racketeer, John Grisham. (Fortunately for John, the above book by Boscutti was fiction!)

Just How Far from the Apple Tree: A Son in Relation to His Famous Father, John S. Peale. Stories of several sons and their famous dads. I think I am looking forward to reading this …

Encouragement: The Key to Caring, Larry Crabb. I respect this relationship giant. Lots of wisdom you can see through his humble spirit.

Trafficked: The Diary of a Sex Slave, Sibel Hodge. There is a growing ministry emerging out of LifePoint Church, where I serve, in the area of sex trafficking. It is really making some progress and I need to read up on this a little more.

Backstage at the Tonight Show: From Johnny Carson to Jay Leno, Don Sweeney and Ed McMahon.  I am such a sucker for Carson!

My Life and My Work: The Secret of Ford’s Success, Henry Ford and Samuel Crowther.

Again, as always, I thank God for the ability and for the desire to read. What a blessing. May He bless you as you read in 2013.

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