19 June 2008 ~ 2 Comments

Catching Up Just a Bit

Hey there. Been a while. Been a lot of miles since we talked. And lots more to go, Lord willing. Here's what's gone on lately, with elaboration to follow in subsequent posts:

* Went on a fabluous marriage enrichment cruise to Alaska! (Hey, somebody's gotta do it!) Thanks to Pat for suggesting this wonderful idea. I'll speak more about it later, but just know (and I'm actually serious about this part) that a cruise is an excellent format for a marriage enrichment event. Selma and I were able to counsel with several of the couples who went. The cruise gave us session time each day with group. We also had time to counsel with another couple. Plus there was lots of time for us alone. Praise God for an awesome group and for an incredible trip to an incredibly beautiful part of His creation.

Look for info this fall about another one – perhaps south of here, for next summer. We want you on that one with us!

* Finally got over the motion sickness from the trip around Tuesday! It was a 7-day cruise. (Don't think we'll do one that long again!) Got off the ship in Seattle on Friday morning. Major hangover, but then, I have my own special brand of motion sickness anyway. Glad the hangover's over.

* Couldn't believe Big Brown did NOT win the triple crown. What's with that? Selma actually saw the last triple crown winner – Affirmed – run at the Kentucky Derby. (Don't tell them at the seminary in Louisville or they might try take away my degree!) That was 1978. We were just kids then.  

* Sad to hear that Jim McKay died. The voice of ABC's Wide World of Sports was my hero growing up. He was a class reporter. I remember watching in a dorm at Florida State in 1972 when he announced that the Israelis were "all gone" – killed by terrorists. Sports will miss Jim.

* And another huge loss – Tim Russert. Coming home from the cruise, we came off the plane in Minneapolis and looked at the airport TV's to hear of his death. I almost lost it right there. Tim was my favorite political commentator. I've taped and watched everything I could about him these past few days.

* Immediate prayer needs, please …

Mom. She's in the hospital. Pray that those who care for her will do a good job. And that we have wisdom on how to handle her housing situation afterwards.

– Thursday and Friday – Selma and I are shooting the rest of The Parent Adventure. It goes with the book we are writing. It will be a long day of shooting many different scenes, each introducing the viewer to the next session's content. We are not professional actors by any means and it can be intimidating trying to remember your lines n front of a crew of 10-12 people who are professionals.

Long blog. Pardon any typos. Sorry. As my daughter Jennifer used to say when she'd talk and talk, then stop just long enough to take a breath, "I've just got a lot to say." Will try not to wait as long to catch up next time!

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  1. Tiffany 20 June 2008 at 5:32 am Permalink

    Okay ~ I have to say that we will be home in August of 2009 ~ so the Marriage Enrichment Cruise had BETTER be sometime after our return! :)
    I’m sure you had a complete blast. We love to cruise! Steve and I remember all the cruises we took with WAY fond memories! Except that Steve has issues with motion sickness as well! It was definately one of the best jobs I ever had working for Princess Cruises!
    Much Love!
    ~T & S

  2. Ircel Harrison 24 June 2008 at 11:58 am Permalink

    You did have a lot of catching up to do!
    First, sorry to hear about your Mom. Keep us posted on her situation.
    Second, in regard to motion sickness, Rita had that worse than I did when we went on the Alaska cruise, but I had my share (especially out on the open water).
    Third, I was saddened to hear about Tim Russert as well; he was a man of faith, a family man, and a man committed to service. We will miss him.

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