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Here is what I’m reading lately …

The kind of reading I do is all over the place. It always has been. Several books at a time in several genres. (Not really. I just like using the word ‘genre’. It is so impressive!) Actually there are quite a variety of subjects below.

Let’s take a look at my lists of Currently Readings, Recently Read and what’s On Deck.

Here we go:

Currently Reading:

Daniel Adams, First Lady Down. I have recently come across the free book offerings that Kindle has. There are a lot of them. My jury and judgement is still out on them but this novel is okay so far. About half-way through it. About an assassination attempt, but was the intended target the President or the First Lady? I’m reading on to find out. Well-written to this point. (Great price!) I was enthralled/almost obsessed with the JKF assassination as a 4th grader in 1963, so I’m a sucker for this kind of story.

Bob Edwards, A Voice in the Box. Bob has been that voice for me for over 20 years. As NPR’s Morning Edition anchor (and now with SiriusXM), he has a smooth, intelligent yet simple style that does anything but call attention to himself. I like that in a radio host. I am half-way through it and his bio just flows with memories of his Louisville background to the present.

Matt Chandler, The Explicit Gospel. In keeping with spiritual stuff, the staff (and a whole of others around LifePoint these days) is/are reading this excellent piece from Chandler. Talk about food for thought. Perhaps I should say that as you read this work, come prepared to think!

Rob and Amy Rienow, Visionary Marriage. Not one I can read quickly but a powerful book on the basics of husbands, wives, and marriage. I know that may sound cheesy, but they have a unique way of sharing some rather unique insights on God’s Word on this institution. Great read so far.

Jeff Iorg, Is God Calling Me? (Recommended by Eddie Mosley, our GroupLIfe Director at LifePoint Church.) Strong read on the basics of calling. Would recommend it to anyone considering, well, anyone considering following God’s leading in their life. Iorg, president of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (and personal friend of my wife, yes I’m name-dropping again!), has a most humble approach in sharing his perspective on what this calling concept is about.

Avery Willis, etc., Real Life Discipleship. A 12-week in-depth basic training-type of manual designed to get people up to speed on how to do their part of fulfilling the great commission: namely, making disciples. Currently leading a group of men through this study and it’s an awesome experience. They are teaching me much!

Told you it was all over the place.

Recently Read:

Peter Falk, Just One More Thing. A hilarious auto-bio from the man who played Columbo in the TV series. This is an easy read of his acting career, complete with the humor he always had on Columbo, and more. Fun read with some background stuff you never knew about Falk. He was a wild and crazy guy!

Andy Andrews, The Heart Mender. Creative novel that begins in today’s time, with a discovery on a beach taking you back to WWII. It ties together neatly. An incredible story of forgiveness that powerfully touches the reader. Read this one.

Roger Aidman, Summer of ‘63. This one was okay but not an “absolutely half-to” read. Sometimes you get what you pay for in the Kindle free section.

On deck …

Clive Cussler, Frank Langella, James Patterson, Jack Clark

and an intriguing novel by the name of Bring Me the Head of John Grisham! (Oh yeah, that reminds me, I picked up Grisham’s latest the other day, Calico Joe for Selma. As usual she devoured it and wants me to read it, too. So let’s add that one to the list as well.)

Enjoy your reading this summer ,and as you you do so, thank God for the ability to read. And for the access we have of all kinds of books.

Finally, please tell me what you are reading and I will try to find a way to post it here. (Still need some help in certain areas in blogdom. Sully, are you reading this???)

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