31 August 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Selma’s Recovery

Many of you have inquired about my wife's health. Selma is doing well after a thyroidectomy last week. While all the tests have been negative (including after the surgery) – and no pain ever for Selma – the thyroid was growing and several opinions told us that it needed to come out.

It's been … interesting being able to tell her to shut up all week while her voice is healing. She's actually done very well and has been a great patient. She's even taken my "shut-ups" rather well.

We have felt the prayers of friends and work associates and are grateful to our Lord and the prayer support of everyone. Considering the potential of what could have happened to her voice we are most thankful for a great recovery to this point.

Some time ago Selma was out of town on business. When she returned, Natalie, our youngest, made the following observation to her: "Mom, Daddy seems lost without you." When Selma told me that I thought "fair enough". I don't know that I could take that wrong if I tried. After 33 years she's a part of me for sure. And I AM lost without her around. Perhaps that's why the rollout bed beside hers at Baptist Hospital didn't really feel that bad last week!

A good week to you —

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