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32nd Wedding Anniversary, Brief Book Review, and a Marriage Link from Pat Hood

Today is Thursday, July 17 and Selma and I are celebrating our anniversary today. 32 years. With the same woman!?!

I recall at the rehearsal dinner. It was a beautiful scene. The restaurant had a wall of windows that opened up to a spectacular view of the pool. (It was a Holiday Inn, a nice one, too.) Anyway, after dinnner and all the speeches, my biggest groomsmen grabbed me – bear-hugged me - and carried me down to the pool. And yes, well, it was a “wet” rehearsal dinner. All of the groomsmen got in the act and played it out dramatically – for the entire restaurant to see. They all swung me back and forth shouting, “ONE, TWO, THREE” and in I went.

Lots of fun. (I can say that, 32 years removed from it!)


Our pastor, Pat Hood, sent me a link of a USA Today article that was interesting. I send it to you for your info. You might have to cut and paste it, but you can handle that.  Here is the link:


While there is more to a marriage than merely enjoying each other’s company, playing together won’t hurt a bit. In fact, recreational activities can set the stage for other relational development in the marriage.



This book has not yet been released, but it is a good book. Gotta think some more on it and that’s part of what I liked about it, but it’s got some good ideas. Not for everyone with marital difficulties, but could be a great help to certain ones.

Enjoy the article and we’ll resume our discussion about animals and running later!

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    Thanks for the kind words. I hope you find it a useful tool in your ministry.

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