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Humor, Natalie, and a Really Good Thought

Just a great thought for today. Sometimes it helps to see life through a kid’s eyes. It might not be as bad as you think.

On my way home one day, I stopped to
watch a Little League baseball game that was being played in a
park near my home. As I sat down behind the bench on the first-
base line, I asked one of the boys what the score was
‘We’re behind 14 to nothing,’ he answered
With a smile.

‘Really,’ I said. ‘I have to say you
don’t look very discouraged.’

‘Discouraged?’, the boy asked with a
Puzzled look on his face…

‘Why should we be discouraged? We haven’t
Been up to bat yet.’

This optimistic view reminds me of when my daughter Natalie had her first little league softball game. It was a double-header and I missed the first game due to work. When I came up as the second game was beginning, Natalie saw me at the end of the dugout. She ran up to me and yelled, “Dad, this is great. I’ve struck out five times. I LOVE softball!”

Attitude is critical. My wife always says it is the paintbrush of the mind. Ask God for the one you need today.

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  1. Aime L. Osborn Bischoff 22 November 2011 at 9:58 am Permalink

    Such a beautiful story about Uncle JB! I pray that the comforter will send me messages from up above!!! You know Mom and JB are up there catching up on old times and hugging each other with Grandma and Grandpa Wilson lovingly watching them!

    Love Always,
    Aime Lorena

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