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Animals Encountered While Running #8


Recognize these little critters? Yep. They’re skunks and I’ve had few but very positive experiences with them. You could say I have been most fortunate around skunks.

My running encounters with skunks have been limited to early morning runs and have simply been on the roadside. I remember one time I just looked up and there they were walking alongside me. Ran along with me for probably 20-30 yards. Of course I thought I was dead meat at that point. I was considering if there was anything I was wearing at the time that would be salvagable through 90 washes once they sprayed me.

But it didn’t happen. Evidently, skunks use their spray only as for defensive purposes. (They tell me it’s the same with most snakes striking you, but I’ve never stayed around a snake long enough – or let one live long enough to tell for sure. but that’s another animal for another posting. And I will get to snakes.)  

Selma tells me that when she was a little girl, she had a pet skunk. Honest! Somehow – and I would still like to know how they did it – someone had “deskunked” it. That must have been cool to be able to pet this striped character without fear of being “forever blessed” with his odor. Talk about your tough jobs. “What does your daddy do for a living?” “Well, he removes the sprayer from skunks.” Would make a good episode of “How Do They Do It” on the Science Channel.

I have a saying that is not healthy because of the balance of nature and so on, but I always say that the best snake is a dead one. I know it’s not politically correct but it’s a saying I’ve adopted. Well, by far - and this won’t surprise you – the worst kind of skunk is a dead one. When I’ve run by the dead ones, the spray is already out. And most of the tme you can smell it for a good half mile before you get to it. The road at that point is just not wide enough to effectively run on the other side from the smell. It’s just tough.


Your Thoughts?

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And finally …

And while we are talking about smells, skunks and such, remember that II Corinthians reminds us that “we are to God the aroma of Christ.” Make sure that we give off the proper scent (live godly lives) that pleases Him and draws people to Him rather than make them want to live their lives “on the other side of the raod” from us.


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  1. Tikey 29 July 2008 at 5:29 am Permalink

    I have a friend who sings a song with a line that goes something like….dead skunk in the middle of the road….??????

  2. Amy M. 22 August 2008 at 12:49 pm Permalink

    So, Rodney …
    Do you REALLY want to know how a skunk is “deskunked”?
    Dr. Amy :)
    (I’m an animal doc, remember?)

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