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The Next Blow to Traditional Marriage?

I just read an article online that talks of the latest proposal in the Mexican legislature. Ready for this? You’re sitting down, aren’t you? It is called Temporary Marriage License. Here’s the brief article and then you can read my comments below.


If this idea is indeed gaining momentum in their legislative process, I can really see why. Divorce hurts so much. It costs so much. It takes so much time in the courts to “undo” a marriage. It’s the reason God said in Malachi “I hate divorce” (2:16 NASB). Because of all the junk associated with the tearing up of a marriage.

But for a society to allow its members to begin its concept of marriage with an easy off ramp, a built-in escape clause from the git-go, is … well let’s just say its a sad day for any society to plan for failure and make the ending of a marriage quite possible for sheer convenience.

If you have read me enough or heard Selma and me speak you know that we do not believe that someone divorced is a second-class citizen. Not at all. However, to develop an expiration date for what is supposed to be a lifetime commitment smacks in the face of how Christ described marriage:

Therefore what God has joined together, man must not separate. Mark 10:9 (HSCB)

I didn’t see in that verse what Christ gives an expiration date.

Come on people. Yes some marriages fail and that is sad. But please, let’s not get to the point where we plan for failure even as we begin our marriage. It’s sad and it does not – it should not compute.

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    wow! what will they think of next?

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