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Thoughts on an Ugly Issue

Ed Stetzer writes a blog with a big following. Literally thousands. Is that because he is a good writer? Articulate? Intelligent? Knows how to make a blog site look great? Well, that could have something to do with it!

A lot of people also read Ed because he’s not afraid to tackle the tough issues. Ed is not scared of controversy. Plus he addresses issues we need to think about whether they are ‘comfortable’ issues or not.

Tough issues.

Like pornography.

He’s currently writing a series on it. It is an ugly issue and perhaps it makes you feel a bit uncomfortable. The statistics are painful, yet we need to know them. We need to be informed so we can properly act.

Here is Thursday’s Quote of the Week from Ed, plus his blog site. I challenge you to read his blog. If nothing more than so you will know how to pray for our society, our families, your marriage.

Quote of the Week …

Addressing the issues of marriage, pornography, and homosexuality in biblical ways will enable a church to engage with its community and thrive in many ways. We must resist the temptation to acquiesce to culture through silence. The church should hold up the “new alternative lifestyle” (men married to women for life in a sexually pure covenant relationship) and live it out.

Ed Stetzer

(I told you he was articulate!)


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