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A Father’s Day Gift Worth Waiting For

Thursday afternoon I looked at my calendar and saw that I had one more counseling session and my week would be made. A 4:00PM with a Joshua Smith. Didn’t know him and I was soon to find out why. (Normally I don’t share – wouldn’t DARE share the name of someone I am seeing, but this is a little different. You’ll see.)

You see, Joshua Smith is a fictitious name. My two daughters, Jennifer and Natalie, made him up. They scheduled the appointment with my assistant, Susan. Then, at 4:00PM promptly, they showed up and informed me that THEY had the last hour of my day plus a lot more. For Father’s Day they “kidnapped me”, taking me to several fun things for the 3 of us to do together.

We went to Sonic for the customary drink. Then they took me to Golf USA in M’boro. They had shorts for me, my clubs, sun screen for my hair-challenged head. I probably hit my driver better than I had at any range in my life. The girls took their swings and actually hit the ball well, too. Before we left we played a round of miniature golf as well. I mostly remember laughter there.

The weather cooperated the whole afternoon with a cloudy day, no rain and lots of breeze. (Thx, Lord.)

We then ate dinner at Longhorn’s, one of my favs. Then, we capped off the evening by getting a cookie at Julia’s.

As we drove home I told them it would have been just as much fun if we 3 had simply walked in the park. It wasn’t the money spent. It was the TIME we shared. It was the effort in planning. It is usually the butt of a joke nowadays, but this time it correctly applies: it was the THOUGHT that counted.

Thank-you, girls, for a wonderful and memorable, and personalized Father’s Day. And thank you, God, for the blessing of such beautiful daughters. One is a wife and mom herself these days. The other is engaged and eagerly pursuing a Master’s degree to soon become a Physician Assistant. So proud of both of them and the men in their lives (David, Jonathan and Josiah).

Sorry if all this sounds sappy or bragging but when you are blessed, it’s just hard to contain. So thanks for letting me share such a special blessing with you.

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