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Facts vs Feelings – Must It Be One or the Other?

Recently I saw Ken Davis, a comedian who was very good. Does many Fortune 500 companies every year. Has performed before US presidents. Funny, off beat, strong believer. A lot of humor I could relate to at my age. Good stuff. I bought some of his material at the end of his performance. Some DVD’s and CD’s. I also bought a book of his called Sheep Tales where I found this week’s Thursday Quote of the Week.

In Sheep Tales’ intro, Ken describes the dynamic between fact and feeling. Between emotion and truth. A fresh approach to a subject I am enthralled with because so many people leave their spouses because they’ve “fallen out of love”. That kind of ‘love’ is feeling only. It comes and goes with just about every spouse once in a while.  It will take you from spouse to spouse to spouse, all because you’ve “lost that loving feeling”. (No that’s not the quote this week.)

Anyway, here is Ken’s angle. It suggests that feelings and truth can be married (sorry for the pun) in an effective way. They can work together for good. Here is his thought:

I came to perceive the truth about the fragile relationship between fact and feeling. Emotion alone is deceitful and misleading. Truth alone is cold and tedious. But emotion driven by truth is something else entirely. It endows truth with a heartbeat. It brings biblical truths to the door of our hearts, where we might embrace them and welcome them to settle in and take residence.

Not bad for a comedian, huh? As I said, good stuff. Reminds me of Rocky Balboa when telling someone he was considering marrying Adrienne. He said, “I got gaps. She’s got gaps. Together, we got no gaps.”

Feelings can deceive you. Truth can be cold. But together, they got no gaps.

So in times of marital stress, deciding on that new job, in the midst of temptation, or any other significant time of your life, marry the feelings with the truth. Especially consult the One who called Himself the Way, the Truth and the Life. That’s the Truth who should always drive our lives.

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