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Coming and Going

Have been out of touch for quite a while with the blog scene. It seems like this is an every other month apology, so consider this paragraph this month's installment.

This is not an excuse for not writing, but Selma and I have been speaking a lot – A LOT – this fall with a ways to go yet. Also, my home computer crashed. I mean CRASHED! So, with a new computer, getting up to speed – it has been … interesting.

Here is where Selma and I have been lately and where we are going, speaking wise:

September 26 - NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MARRIAGE AND FAMILY MINISTERS – Nashville. We led two workshops – one on parenting and one on building a marriage ministry in your church

September 27 and 28 – REAL MARRIAGE at FBC Smyrna – Along with the super help of many, MANY people, we did the teaching part of those two marriage evenings.

This is dangerous, but it's a blog so I can try to thank everyone. If you don't want to read it, skip to the next event. Thanks to:

Susan Garland – Such a hard worker – thanks for your able assistance

Joy Conklin – Best cell phone cookie I've ever had, but the stain is still in my mouth!

Gary and Melody Henderson – Such creativity and energy!

Jana Gibson – You have the gift of service and our marriage ministry is better for it!

Al and Lisa Bell – The epitomy of servant hearts

Phil and Natalie Wilson The Bob Eubanks of the 21st century and his lovely wife

Danny and Karen Smith – the "Kiss Cam" specialists – great pics!

Nicole Williams and Tammy Bright – Thanks for helping greet the couples as they entered

Eric and Amy Massengill – You continue to amaze us with your writing and acting talent

Eddie and Megan Gonzalez – My Missouri partner and his lovely wife! You two are awesome!

Lloyd Boner – Sound was right on target

Linda Sutton – You make our messages come alive with your CG talent

Justin Crutchfield – So much behind the scenes stuff. So helpful, man

David Cox – What a band! And so much help in so many other ways

Jason Stewart – Thanks for everything, man

Michael Sullivan – The Sully Man! A huge role you played again.

Al Ward – Always a mean guitar

David McCaman – What pressure? You've got a great marriage!

Pat Hood – Your support is so amazing … and so needed

The X People – These are the people that worked as hard as any of the above, but I failed to mention. Please forgive me if that is the case. I do thank God for the wonderful and HUGE number of people who always help in so many ways.

I'll make a deal with you X People: feel free to let me know if you helped and I didn't list you above. I will be happy to do so in a later blog. Also, if I remember you myself, you will be listed in a later blog whether you say anything or not.

Above all, of course, is our Lord. Every good and perfect gift comes from Him. This was not a perfect event, but wow, it sure was good again for marriages! It's from Him and for Him, and He gets the credit and glory once again. Glad to give it to Him.

Now, back to the speaking schedule:

October 2-5 – Selma and I gave three keynote messages at the FESTIVAL OF MARRIAGE - Glorieta, New Mexico. We also led two workshops there.

October 12-15 LIFEWAY KIDS CONFERENCE – Orlando, Florida. Selma is keynoting for this conference on Monday while I will lead a workshop with her based on our new book, The Parent Adventure, set to come out December 1.

October 15-18 BETH MOORE CONFERENCE – Hartfort, Connecticutt. This will be Beth's 100th event with LifeWay and her 50th state – a very big deal! It's called Deeper Still and will also include Priscilla Shirer and Kay Arthur. We are privileged to be part of it.

(No, we are not through yet) October 24-26 – FESTIVAL OF MARRIAGE – Ridgecrest, North Carolina. Selma and I will be leading workshops there on marriage and parenting.

November 16 and 23 – MARRIAGE MOMENTS – FBC Smyrna. This is a fun one. A good one to end the year on. We'll just be leading a couple of Sunday morning sessions on marriage. This will be interactive. Like Real Marriage, we will be facilitating, not "preaching". It will be held at 10:45AM in the new Cafe ONE room, in the CrossWalk area.

So, as I boast in the Lord for the opportunities, I wanted to show you what we are in the middle of – so you can pray for us. Please pray for our stamina. Selma has an incredible full-time job at LifeWay while I still do the counseling and events for marriage and family at the church. Understand that the above fall schedule is a total of something like

* 18 speaking events

                    * in five states

                                    * in less than two months

Praise to God for the opportunity – - –

Praise Him for His faithfulness – - –

And praise Him for friends who lift us up in prayer support. We feel you. Please continue, for our survival – but more importantly for His glory.

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  1. Bitsy 9 October 2008 at 2:31 pm Permalink

    Boy, Wilsons! I think you two need to get an award shaped like maybe an indy race car — something for always being on the GO!!! That is a seriously FULL schedule! (And I thought we music types had it bad!!!)
    Have fun with Beth Moore! I really enjoyed the LPM thing in Nashvegas last year… I still keep up with her blog… (The marriage stuff is all fun, too, but this event will be an absolute blast with Beth…)

  2. Tiffany 14 October 2008 at 6:56 am Permalink

    WOW! You are super busy! I am so blessed that you were home when I was and I got to see you both. Words cannot express how much it meant to me that you and Selma came by on Friday. You two mean more than the world to Steve and I, and that God allowed me the opportunity to see you and hug you meant so very much!
    Aaaaaackkkkkkkk ~ crying! Happy tears though!
    I will br praying for you and all of your travels! What FUN to be at a Beth Moore conference! Jealous! Oh wait, jealousy is a sin . . . . . oooops! :)
    Love you both LOTS!

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