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A Coach’s Primary Role: Influence

Several men on our church staff are little league coaches. So are a lot of other guys at LifePoint. I am proud of all of them. Many of them do not even have kids themselves in the game yet they give and give and give to these kids.

Of course they teach them a lot more than just football (or baseball, basketball, soccer – you fill in the blank). A lot of it is about influence. Encouraging a kid to do his best, reach his potential, building character, etc. Sometimes even sharing Christ with them. Basically being salt and light to these young players.

100 years ago I played football for the mighty Cleveland (Tennessee) High School Blue Raiders. (I just know you've heard of them!) I was a wide receiver. I keep up with them whenever I get to Cleveland to visit Mom.

A little history: when I played for CHS we had a 32 game winning streak. (I got a head concussion the game we had it broken!) I also played in a state championship game. We lost, but we got there. CHS also got back to state finals game – and won it THREE YEARS IN A ROW in the 90's. So we're not talking about a so-so program here.

The Blue Raiders have a new coach this year. His name is E.K. Slaughter. (Not a bad name for a head coach, huh? SLAUGHTER!) Haven't met Coach Slaughter but he made me proud of him and my alma mater this week with a quote in Cleveland's newspaper.

There was a two-page spread of quotes from all the high school team's coaches just as the season was beginning. Many were saying "We're gonna win the state championship this year" and stuff like that.

Here was E.K. Slaughter's quote:

"What you do is go to school and play football. Who you are is eventually going to be a husband and father, a family man. Our No.1 goal is to create better fathers and husbands."

WOW! Not a bad start for the new coach.

I am pulling for you this season, Coach Slaughter. But whether you win a single game or not, your players are going to have a good season with you and that kind of philosophy influencing them.


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