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November 20 – A Special Day in So Many Ways

Today has a lot going on in my world.

First, my dad was born on this day in 1927. I know you can add, but he would have been 81.

Actually, November is a full month for Mom and Dad. Mom's b'day was last week on the 12th. She turned 85. And their anniversary is Nov 25 which is a cool place to have an anniversary. Sometimes it falls on Thanksgiving Day. JFK was buried on Nov 25. (I'm such a freak on dates!) They would have been married 64 years.

And Thanksgiving is days away as well.

So anyway, I would appreciate your prayers for Mom and our family as we navigate through our first November and subsequent holidays since Dad's official homegoing.

Also, today, I am having an MRI on my shoulder. Had a high school football injury (shoulder dislocation) a 100 years ago. They operated on my shoulder back then. The next year it came out again and they did surgery once more.

What I didn't know at that time was that they put two "major league" staples in the bone to hold the tissue together so my shoulder would stay in place. Then, the staples came out of the bone some time ago and it started hurting really bad. Went to the doc and got an MRI in 1996, when we made the staples discovery. Got ready to schedule the surgery then and all of a sudden it stopped hurting. It was like the staples went "dormant".

For 12 years until this summer. So today I am having an updated MRI to see how extensive the surgery needs to be. (Looking for rotator cuff problems, etc. Just checking everyhting out "in the area".)

So please remember me today. MRI's are not a lot of fun for me.

So today will be a full one for sure. Full of memories and thoughts of Mom and Dad. Yet – at the risk of sounding soooo spiritual – whatever today holds, it will indeed be as the psalmist said:

… a day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

                                                                   Psalm 118:24

Only He knows what it holds, as He does every day. So let's place our trust in Him once again – day by day.

And I pray yours is a good day – whatever it holds for you.

Next week, we'll go back to the animal farm and find a couple of other critters I've seen along the way in my running adventures. These you probably would not have thought of as a typical running encounter!

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