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Resources for Wherever You Are in Marriage!

The marriage resources listed below can be found in the CrossWalk – the bookstore on the LifePoint Smyrna campus. I just verified that myself. (They may also be at the Stewart Creek campus, I don’t know – sorry about that SCC!)

Note that these books provide a diversity of marriage topics. This is quite fitting as each marriage is in its own state of mind.(I almost said “state of affairs” but that might not be the best term…)

Different issues.

Different passages of life they are going through.

Different challenges.

That greatly increases the chances that there is a marriage resource just for you! Take a look the next time you are in the area and see what might apply to you.

And thanks to Bobby Goins who so competently manages our CrossWalk. I greatly appreciate his spirit of wanting to provide helpful resources for the people who are a part of or who come through LifePoint.

Here’s the latest list:

Dale and Gena Forehand, Let’s Get Real

Les and Leslie Parrott, Getting Ready for the Wedding

Les and Leslie Parrott, Your Time-Starved Marriage

Gary Chapman, Hope for the Separated

Mitch Temple, The Marriage Turnaround: How Thinking Differently About Your Relationship Can Change Everything

These are excellent resources. I have personally met all of the authors and can speak with confidence about their material. Check them out. You won’t be disappointed.

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