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Odds and Ends in December

Just some random thoughts as I catch up with you from November…

* Thanksgiving Reflections — A wonderful time with family, as T'giving is supposed to be. I dare not take our warm family for granted. I counsel wtih enough folks to know warm family relationships is not always the case.

Especially did we enjoy having Mom around this year. It's our first year since Dad's death and she's really doing great. Grieving? Of course, but she is working through things wonderfully so. She is such a good sport. Can you see this 85 year-old woman playing Balderdash with her kids and grandkids? What a sight! At one point, we were all laughing when Natalie yelled out, "We can NEVER play this game again without Nana!"

I rarely give "speeches" before our T'giving prayer but I did this year. I simply said that it had been a most difficult year but that we had much to be thankful about – in the midst of the challenges. That I was most thankful this year that God has chosen to show Himself to me in so many clear ways.

Just for me. Wow. And I am thankful.

* RUMOR HUMOR – I heard a rumor that Leslie Overby, an office colleague of mine, went deer hunting Thanksgiving Day. That part is not rumor. Here's the rumor part: she didn't get a deer, but driving on her way home – she hit one! Ask her about it when you see her, but don't tell her where you heard it!

* MRI Update – They rolled me into the MRI apparatus a couple of weeks ago and kept me there – for about 10 minutes. I know that's not long enough to get a good result. The tech asked me if I had some metal on, specifically around my shoulder. I said no but that was why I was having the MRI – to look at the shoulder before I have the metal removed from my shoulder. She said the MRI wouldn't "take" because of the staples in my shoulder (from a high school surgery).

To which I replied, "That's funny, I had an MRI done in 1996 that clearly revealed the staples in the first place!" Evidently the MRI machines today are more sensitive than 12 years ago. Is that progress?

All that to say that I will be having surgery to have those infamous staples removed next Wednesday, Dec 17. Hopefully the pain will go away with the staples. Please pray for me.

* TV APPEARANCE – No fooling – next Monday, – TWO DAYS BEFORE SURGERY - Selma and I are going to South Bend, Indiana, for an tv interview about our new book, The Parent Adventure. The show is called Harvest House and we are preparing for it now. I don't know if you can watch it live or not, but you can see it later by going to www.harvest-tv.com. Another opportunity God has given us. And another thing you can pray for us about. This is exciting but it is also a little nerve-racking as we've never done anything like this before.

A good holiday to you, but we'll talk before Christmas for sure.


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