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Divorce Rates the Same In and Out of Church? Not So Fast!

Toward the end of my seminary studies in Louisville, Selma and I were – like everyone else about to graduate – looking for a job. A church In the Atlanta area had us down for a ‘look-see’ trip. Nice visit but at one point the pastor shared the most curious thing. In response to some comment I made about what statistics said on some subject, he leaned in and shared an old saying:

1 -There are lies.

2 – There are @#%$&*@! lies.

3 – And then there are statistics

In that order.

My virgin ears were aghast over hearing a pastor use a swear word! Anyway, the point he was making is that you can say almost anything with stats, and on that point he was correct. (Incidentally, we turned the church down. I never went to a church where the pastor swore the first time I met him!)

Back to stats. We hear all the time that marriages inside the church are divorcing at the same rate as outside the church. The Baptist Press article below offers another look, challenging us to rethink that statement. It is a fresh approach reminding us that our lives, and even the quality of our marriages, are all about Him. A solid (not perfect but growing) relationship with the Lord is critical to the life and health of a marriage. AND THE STATS BEAR THAT OUT.

Read the article at the link below. And be encouraged, and hopefully inspired to maintain or start that close walk with the Lord. Your marriage deserves it.


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