20 December 2008 ~ 0 Comments

New Scars Over Old Ones and a Book ‘Restart’


Got the shoulder done. It was very uneventful from the doctor's perspective. I am grateful but still navigating the one-arm bit for a few days. Hard to Christmas shop – or get into the Christmas spirit with an arm in the sling.

However, this posting should tell you that I'm learning to use the right arm some again. Thanks for your prayers.

THe last thing I remember my surgeon saying to me was "Okay." That was in response to my two questions:

1") Can I have the staples you remove from my shoulder?"; and

2") If you find any gold in there, it's mine, too, okay?"

Selma got the staples but I guess he kept the gold. Doctors, you just can't trust them. :-)


Our book, The Parent Adventure, is finally ready to be purchased. So tell eeveryone you know – and those who you don't know. In fact, go out into the highways and hedges … okay, so I'm getting a little carried away.

Actually, amazon.com can send it to you today. Barnes and Noble in a few days. It's also available at LifeWay stores now. You will also find it at the bookstore we call CrossWalk at our church, FBC Smyrna, TN. Bobby Goins, the store manager, along with our entire staff, have been so supportive in wanting to promote the book. That's been humbling. You can look for there to be a more concentrated effort to launch the book in CrossWalk next month. That will be good or for CrossWalk, too, as it has just relocated. It's close to where it was but just across the concourse.


May our Lord bless you with His love, peace, and comfort if that's needed (and some of us need it the first time around without a special loved one) – whatever is needed in your life – trust the Great Provider to be there for you.

May He make His presence in your life so clear to you that it is literally undeniable. He is life … and may He bless yours this Christmas.

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