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2 Celebrities’ Views, and then a Word “In Praise of Marriage”

Earlier this week I posted on Facebook John Mellencamp’s statement that he and his wife were “proud” of almost making it in their marriage 20 years. It was actually 18.

I read last week that Scarlett Johansson and her husband were getting divorced, but were leaving each other the way they  had begun: as friends. No harm no foul, I guess.

Time magazine recently had a cover that read “Who Needs Marriage?” (Okay, this one I get. Magazines are a dying breed and Time is simply desperately attempting to be provocative, evoking some kind of public response. I guess it’s working!)

Being proud of almost making in marriage? Leaving as friends as you divorce? These are words of coping because they failed. A divorce is the death of a relationship. When death occurs there needs to be a grieving period. It’s okay to be sad and to grieve the loss of a spouse via divorce. These people are trying their best to put their best foot forward I guess, but it casts a dim light on the institution.

On the other hand, below is a word in praise of marriage. It is badly needed in today’s press. Some people take marriage stats and expand them / enhance the stats for dramatic emphasis. Your mind can easily race to the point where you think “Is it worth it at all to get married? Because it seems like only on out of every 100 marriages or so will make it!”

This is nonsense of course. Reading a book, or even an article with very many stats in it is difficult for me. I can easily get lost about the 3rd stat the author throws at me. But I do know that many stats about marriage that are way out of line. Society can make it appear that having a good marriage is virtually impossible. NOT TRUE.

Check out this piece by David Aikman who provides an alternate view of marriage. I do not know Mr. Aikman, but his views make sense on this critical institution and gift from God.


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