30 December 2008 ~ 0 Comments

A Word to Mark Gaither

I don't know if this is "Blog Kosher" or not but here goes:

Mark Gaither wrote a book I spoke of in this blog last summer – Redemptive Divorce. (See July 17 post.) Good book for thought to say the least, about a creative and God-honoring approach to the ending of a marriage. He actually wrote me and told me "thanks" for reading and commenting on his book in my blog. Imagine that!?! Someone besides you and me read this thing!

Well Mark, I have tried to respond to your email but the address just wouldn't go through. So if you are reading this – or if you know Mark Gaither personally - please let him know that I am grateful and would like to tell him that personally through an efffective email address.

I promise to try to wrap up my list of running animals before 2008 completely evaporates! I know, I know – there's not much left, so I'll see you soon.  

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