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Here is What I’m Reading During the Holidays …

From time to time my book acquisitions stack up and wait for me to tackle them. Holidays are a time to catch up on my reading. So I offer you what I’m tackling this season, complete with a little commentary on each. You will note that my reading activity as well as my piano playing – is all over the place. I love the variety of life!

These are in no certain order:

Jerry and Elaine Orbach, Remember How I Love You — I am about half way through this one. An incredible compilation of simple poems and love notes Jerry Orbach left his wife early each morning as he left to play Lt. Lenny Briscoe on Law and Order for THIRTEEN YEARS! Both Jerry and Elaine have passed away now, but what an inspirational marital legacy they have left us!

George W. Bush, Decision Points — If I have ever spoken with you very long about what I am reading (see the “Books” post category) you will know I like presidential history stuff. Maybe it was being bitten by “the presidential bug” the day Kennedy was killed. I was in the fourth grade and just somehow knew – in all my 9 years of wisdom at the time – that this was a colossal day in American history. Anyway, Santa gave me this one and I look forward to getting into W’s mind for 400-500 pages. Ought to be quite a ride!

Ben and Quinn Bradlee, A Life’s Work — Written by the retired Editor-in-Chief of the Washington Post and son. They’re account of growing up together and Quinn’s struggle with his physical affliction. Short, simple and feeling.

Dale and Jena Forehand, Let’s Get Real — A second offering from our good friends who operate out of Birmingham, AL. D and J share some more of their own marital journey while challenging us toward a better marriage as well. At least that’s what I am anticipating. Haven’t started this one yet. What a heart for God these two have! Incredible speaking skills. Good writers, too, which a rare thing to have both of those skills. (For a more complete story of the amazing journey of the Forehand marriage, read their first book, Stained Glass Marriage. You won’t regret it.

Mark D. Regnerus, Forbidden Fruit: Sex & Religion in the Lives of American Teenagers — Stats and current background on where teens are with sex and any relation with God.

Ambitious, you say? Well, I didn’t say I’d complete all of them before the holidays were over, did I? It all depends on how the reading starts. Sometimes I read swiftly and sometimes it just wades along. We’ll see, but I am always thankful for being blessed with the desire and for the accessibility I have with books. Having a wife who now heads up Broadman & Holman Publishing Group for LifeWay Christian Resources won’t hurt either. I shouldn’t lack in reading material for sure!

Like I have said many times, I am blessed with my wife – for many reasons!

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