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Two Christmas Quotes I Won’t Soon Forget!

Christmas time is awesome at the Wilson home. We have sooo much fun. And games. And more than a little humor. And laughter, ohh, the laughter!

The first quote this week is from David McCaman, our son-in-law, who loves to be awkward or make others feel that way. It’s just a gift. It comes naturally and very often! I love my son-in-law but that gift is … special! We have even coined a term for the awkward situations he creates. We call it “pulling a McCaman”.

David’s wife, Jennifer, (our daughter) is very much pregnant – 6+months, so you can imagine the “McCamans” just waiting to be pulled. Jennifer is sitting in our new rocker we got for the forthcoming grandson to be rocked. She is trying to get up, out of it. Lacking sufficient equilibrium she is flailing her hands and arms around trying to gain her balance to rise out of the chair, David observes, “You look like a turtle on its back.”

Classy man. Sensitive, too. Fortunately Jennifer laughed. David, we’ve got to talk … some more.

The second quote this week is not nearly as humorous, rather it gave me a warm feeling and I wanted to share it with you. It’s a quote I simply overheard. A little background first.

Its a humbling thing when your wife of 34+ years shows love to you mother. I mean, it’s her mother-in-law for goodness sake! We had my mom over for Thanksgiving weekend just a few week ago. Wonderful time. She is such a trooper. 87 now and the 2-3 hour trip for her is no picnic but she loves being with us. Most of the time we just visit her but once a year or so, we try to bring her over here and she agrees. So we had just seen her fairly recently.

Anyway, the ladies are cooking dinner last night. (It was our Christmas Eve as we celebrated Thursday.) Jennifer and Natalie were there and the boys (David and Jonathan, Nat’s boyfriend and I) were watching the game. I overhear Selma saying to the girls, totally unaware that I would hear her, “I wish your Nana Wilson was here. I love having her around.”

When your partner, best friend, and mate loves your family it’s a good thing. Selma’s been around long enough to know all my family flaws, bumps and bruises but she loves them and accepts them anyway. Wow. Like I said, it’s a humbling feeling.

Thanks, honey. I love you. Thanks for the wonderful Christmas gift of loving my family.

Whatever you family looks like – if it contains a large number of people, or if it’s only you, or if it’s newly-arranged this year due to whatever – I know it’s like mine in that it has its flaws. Know that I pray for you and your family to have a Christ-centered Christmas. If it is, then in its own way, it will be merry, too.

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