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The Goen Family: Touching Us from Across the Pond!

The Goens have landed!

Kyle, Amy, Jordan, Peyton and Evan Goen have arrived in Brussels, Belgium, and are in the process of getting settled. Other families from here will follow them in the next few months and there is much to do there, but in a very real sense, the Belgium campus of LifePoint Church has begun!

Kyle has put some thoughts in his blog about their first few experiences and his feelings. Check it out at kylegoen.com. (If you scroll down his blog, there is also a clip from a Good Morning America show recently where Robin Roberts takes viewers on a tour. It is informative and … humorous!)

Here are a few words from Kyle I will use for our Thursday Quote of the Week:

God is incredible to bring us to a place we have prayed for and about for several years. He called us to follow Him and we have. He is the destination, not the country in which we now reside. This new country is just the avenue He is using to conform us into His image. He will use a new language, new customs, new people and cold weather as some of the things to teach us what it means to die to ourselves  daily.

Please PLEASE pray for this family that the first precedents they set there, and the first impressions they make on others there, and the first moments the family experiences together in terms of how they relate to each other – pray that all of that might be positive and will glorify the Lord. This is fresh cement they are in!

Pray for their marriage, the family and the field they will be serving.

LifePoint Church is expanding – can you say global??? If you reside in the Smyrna, TN area, come check us out at one of two campuses. (FBC Smyrna and Stewart Creek – see the website.)

Or if you happen to be reading this in Bangkok, Thailand, or now Brussels, Belgium, check out those campuses as well!

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