16 December 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Parenting is Fast, So Celebrate the Moment

Thom Rainer should know about what he states here. He is there now with an empty nest. I know about it as well. This is a very true statement.

Parenting does have its slow periods. There can be times when it seems to drag on and on. But then there comes a time when it seems to move a little faster. And faster. Then it appears that the train is going faster and faster. Downhill. You want to panic. You feel you are losing control so you want to hold tighter, give less freedom. You want to reach back for their childhood when everything was simpler and they depended on you more.

From Raising Dad by Thom and Art Rainer

You cannot slow it down, so celebrate the present moment with your children.

Make the most of the moments you have with your children in this holiday season, because the empty nest is just around the corner.

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