16 January 2009 ~ 1 Comment

Running in the Cold and a Joke or Two!

I saw nothing or nobody out when I was running this morning. Nothing! Come on, people – get out there so someone can see me and give me some credit for being so dedicated! (not to mention, humble!)

Anyway, the temp was 14 with a wind chill of ZERO when I went out. Didn't feel quite that cold. Of course I only went 2 miles, but I stretched and warmed up just like I was about to run a 12 mile training run. I am taking it easy with the sensitive calves and not going out too fast or too long. Trying hard to be patient and not go out too fast at this point. That's tougher than I thought.

With all of my leg troubles in 2008, I am just grateful to be out there – especially in the cold. There is just something about the challenge of making it through the elements that I really love.


A good friend of mine once defined originality as "the obscurity of the source". (Feel free to share that quote!) Keeping that in mind, I'll share a few of my favorite "cold jokes" in the next few posts… that I have "borrowed":  

Today it was so cold that I saw a dog stuck to a fire hydrant!

The way I see it, if you read jokes like this early in the morning – your day can only go up!

Have a good one…

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  1. Rick 16 January 2009 at 9:40 am Permalink

    Don’t mean to make you feel bad. This morning – 76 degrees / nice breeze, three miles, two monkeys yelping at me. They had never seen anything work that hard to go that slow….

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