18 November 2010 ~ 0 Comments

A one-word quote this week … from Tiger

Watching Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN today (I hardly ever watch it) caught my attention this AM. They were interviewing Tiger Woods. Lots of questions about the almost-year-ago fiasco of the wreck and subsequent disclosure of his “behavior issues”. Keep in mind that in the past year this guy has lost his wife and experienced a status with his kids that he is now sharing with his ex-wife.

One of the Mikes asked him, “Tiger, are you happier at this time than you were a year ago?” Tiger’s response:


You could take that answer a lot of ways, but how can a man who has gone through such loss be “infinitely” happier? Join me in praying for Tiger Woods. He needs the Lord. That would be Jesus Christ, not a “more sincere” effort in getting back to some religion.

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