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A ‘Name Makeover’ and a Presidential Word

As many of you may know, our church, First Baptist Church of Smyrna, TN, has undergone what I'll call a name makeover. That is, we are not dropping our Baptist name as our senior pastor, Pat Hood is adamant about. Rather, we are adjusting it to indicate a more glocal identity. ("Glocal" meaning an all-inclusive ministry to include everything from local to global, thus, glocal. Cool, huh? Wish I'd thought of it.)

So we are now known as LifePointChurch, FBC Smyrna campus. We will be starting other LifePoint campuses here, there and yonder in the future so the name adjustment is quite appropriate.

Here is what the sign on our church building will look like:


Exciting isn't it?

New Address

Also, with the new name comes a new church email for me. It is a simple change that will only involve altering the "after the @ part". (I think they had to keep it simple for Rodney.) My new email is:

rodney.wilson@lifepointchurch.org. Try it out. I dare you.

Please pray that our church will reflect in action what we are doing in our identity: gearing up to touch Smyrna and the world for Christ.  

New Beginnings

Finally, please pray for our new president. It is an amazingly historic time in our country while economically critical. Wise first steps need to be taken on so many levels. Plus, anyone assuming that office clearly needs a close walk with the Lord. Whether he does or not is a personal matter of course. So pray that he will see his need for the Lord to guide his steps.

I pray that President Obama will feel the prayers of the citizens he will be leading in the days and years ahead.

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