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Avoiding, Ending and Dealing with Marital Affairs

Here is a most succinct article to get you started on a number of areas concerning the business of affairs. Good practical first responses that can help you to not immediately burn bridges or do something extreme that you’d regret later.

Take a look. There’s prevention, how to stop the affair you are in, how to deal with your spouse’s affair – lots of stuff.


So you say you are not in “the affair business”? Very likely that you know someone who is or is contemplating having one. Send them this link. WHO KNOWS? You may play an integral part of helping someone avoid the pain and agony of adultery! Trust me, as a counselor, I can say with confidence there is pain and agony in every affair.

Usually I say “enjoy” after I post an article link. This time I will simply say ‘may the Lord help you apply this info you receive in a healthy way.’

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