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Walking Through ‘John’ This Winter

It is indeed a fresh new year and with it I have found a "new" area of the Word to look at. It's been a while since I've studied in the gospel of John so I began the year there. Here is some of what I've found so far.

First, a disclaimer … or an "explainer": I think, write, and "devotion" in simple terms. For example, many have mentioned to us that the book Selma and I have recently written, The Parent Adventure, had simple concepts in it. I always say "thank-you" to that comment as I never want to write "beyond my audience" (as if I could!). Anyway, this little glimpse into John 1 assumes a similar simplicity. It's the way I see things and the way that I share them. Below is just a devotional thought as I begin this walk through a very unique gospel. So if you need depth, go to something like Ed Stetzer's blog. (I get out of breath just looking at his speaking schedule.)

So here goes …

John has much to say about the Lord. He is sooooo right when he says that God has been made known by His word (1:18). Here are some ways He has made Himself known to me just by reading through part of the first chapter. Kyle Goen and others have shared this basic formula with me and it works good in quiet time-type study. Ask yourself two questions:

1) What is this scripture saying?

2) What does this scripture mean in terms of my life today? (application)

Here is an example of that approach taken from John 1:

        WHAT GOD IS                              APPLICATION    

(verse) 1 – The Word                       Cherish it … and listen!

1 – God                                          Regard Him as God through the whole day

2 – eternal                                     Trust His bigger/eternal picture

3 – Creator                                     Know His love for us was so great that He 

                                                    made us!

4 – life source                                 Be grateful … for life itself

4 – light of men                               Help others to see that light

5 – light that conquers darkness         Trust in His strength

12 – right-giver                               Never take lightly the right to become His child

13 – life-giver                                 The wonder of it all. Be filled with that wonder

14 – resident of this world                 He's been here, done that. Study His example

14 – full of glory                              Continuously praise Him

14 – only Son of God                        Worship Him as Son

16 – grace-giver                              Value and cherish this grace … truly amazing!

17 – grace and truth conduit              Again, value the grace. Seek the truth.

18 – Now resides at the Father's side   Treat Him/address Him with awe and respect

18 – Revealer of God                           Study the Revelation consistenty

All that from the first 18 verses.

As you can see, John gets going rather quickly, as opposed to a couple of other gospel writers. In his chapter 2, Luke has Jesus in a manger with shepherds, etc. And in his chapter 2, Matthew has the magi visiting the child Jesus. In his chapter 2, John has already got Jesus turning water into wine!

It is truly a unique angle of the gospel that I am looking forward to going through once again. I will probably share some more insights as my journey continues.

And as always, please feel free to comment on what I've shared or simply share your own thoughts. I always like to here from you.

God is good to allow us access to His precious, precious Word. I hope you go there in your own way, gathering your own insights at your own pace of consistency.

Blessings as you do.


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