26 January 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Pre-Marital Ponderings

This quote/philosophy came from a co-worker of Selma's. It reflects his approach to pre-marital counseling. Selma sent it to me because she knows I do a lot of PMC.

It's simple and makes sense. Enjoy and pass it along to someone you know who is about to get married.

"Your chances of having a long and successful marriage is probably going to be determined primarily by how you handle the three key problem areas most couples face: money, sex, and in-laws. The problem is usually around too little of two of them, and too much of the other one. You can probably guess which ones fit into each category, but we'll spend the next three sessions talking about each of them."   

David Francis, as he would begin his pre-marital counseling with engaged couples

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