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Sports Past, Sports Coming, and Past Sports Coming

So it's Monday night and I'm licking my wounds from another Super Bowl loss. Great game, no question but another heart break for me. It's been a while since I've pulled for the right (winning) Super Bowl team.

And I am also licking my wounds from the Lady Vols' loss tonight at #2 Oklahoma. (It sure seems I've gotta lot of wounds lately.)They were supposed to win for Pat Summitt's 1000th career win. We'll just have to get it from Georgia Thursday.

Finally, I am about to watch the end of the Australian Open tennis championships. They were played Sunday morning our time about 2AM, so I recorded them. Watched about 2 1/2 sets yesterday afternoon. At lunch Monday I watched enough to see it go into the 5th set. Another classic Federer/Nadal battle. Amazingly no one has told me how this match has ended. Natalie was kind enough not to tell me during our Monday night phone date even though she knew the outcome. (Thanks, Fred!)

If you are not familiar with this match up, it truly is one of the great rivalries in sport -today or any day. Call me a passivist, but what I like is that each one respects the other. They speak highly of each other and neither is full of himself. Yes, it is possible to have a fierce rivalry without all the hype and trash talk.

I challenge you to get involved in this rivalry of Roger Federer of Switzerland and Raphael Nadal of Spain. You won't be dissappointed. Incredible tennis done in breath-takingly good taste. Just so you'll know who I'm for: GO FED MAN! ! ! !

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  1. Laura Scheffer 3 February 2009 at 5:02 am Permalink

    It was a great match! Robert got up EARLY Sunday morning to watch it LIVE! It wasn’t over before he had to go to church (early service at 8:00). I stayed home with Katelyn because she was sick, so I texted him updates! Of course, he didn’t even check his phone until after it was over, so all my hard play-by-play work was wasted!! HaHa!!
    You’re right about their rivalry! Robert asked me the question the other day “What’s lacking in their rivalry?” The answer – hate for each other. Most rivals absolutely despise the other opponenet, but Nadal and Federer actually like and respect each other. What an example of a healthy rivalry.
    In case you still haven’t finished the 5th set, I won’t tell you how it ends!!

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