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“The Parent Journey”: A Parenting Focus in the Weeks Ahead

Beginning Sunday, October 10, (can that really be next Sunday?) Selma and I will be starting a 4-week study on parenting.

[Okay, in the spirit of being honest, the first week I will be doing it alone as Selma will be out of town.]

The study will be held in the HUB and will begin at 11:00AM. As typical with many of the studies we lead, there will be time for interaction, table talks, and large group Q&A’s.

We will touch on some basic concepts about being a parent. It will be biblically-based & much of it will simply be common sense. Here are the general topics we will be covering:

Session ONE: The Power of Little Things

Session TWO: The Challenge and Art of Discipline

Session THREE: Honesty – The Critical Factor

Session FOUR:  Role Modeling

Someone once said that there is nothing new under the sun. Perhaps so. However, while these concepts may not be completely new in and of themselves, our approach to them – coupled with your response during the sessions – can provide us all with some new and encouraging insights to the parenting experience.

Also, in an effort to integrate the LifePoint staff into this study, we plan to present to you, at the end of each session, various age-group ministry staff members who relate to parents and their kids.

Here is the lineup:

October 17 David McCaman — Student Ministry

October 24 Brittany Kaminh — Preschool Ministry

October 31 Chris Hollomon –  Children’s Ministry

Note that the order of these staff is subject to change, hopefully with some notice if they do!

We hope you will join us. There is always more to learn in the challenging world of family life.

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