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Travel: Comings, Goings and a Happening Church

The Lord has provided ample amount (for us) of travel this year. Here is some of where we have been since 1/09.

DISCLAIMER: I give you permission to skip to the bottom of this blog post if you are not into reading where other people travel. Some send out Christmas letters each year telling you where they've been. Maybe you do, too. Perhaps you send me one each year. If so, thanks. For me, I'll just choose to annoy you several times throughout the years with where I've been and where I plan to go.



* Las Vegas – yes, and what happened there …

*  Oklahoma – parent and children's conference

* Louisville – Southern Baptist Convention

* Denver – The Parent Adventure presentation to International English


* Horn's Creek Camp – Camp Whatever! With hundreds of kids!

* Western Caribbean Ocean – Marriage Cruise

* Phoenix – The Parent Adventure workshop at the Association of Marriage and Family Ministers (AMFM)

* Dallas (Forney, TX) - The Parent Adventure workshop at a Church Leadership Conference for the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention


GOING THERE (Lord willing!) …

* Smyrna, TN – LifePoint Church's Real Marriage – You need to be there, too! BUY YOUR TICKETS WEDNESDAY NIGHT OR NEXT SUNDAY AM IN THE CONCOURSE.

* Ridgecrest, NC – Keynoting at Festival of Marriage

* Arlington, TX – (TPA presentation) LifeWay Kids Conference

* Clarksville, TN – TPA at Parent's Conference

* Smyrna (LifePoint) – TPA presentation over 5 Sundays beginning in late October


* Panama City, FL – Festival of Marriage – R&S withdrew

* Scottsdale, AZ – event cancellation

Whew! It already has been a major year of travel and we've got 4 months to go!

I giggle slightly because every year Selma tells me we're going to slow down. We try but …

We are blessed to have such opportunities to speak and encourage marriages and parents. It is a true joy as well. I am also blessed to have a partner to speak alongside me.

Many of the speaking engagements mentioned above have been or are mine alone. I can do that okay but it is just right when my mate is beside me.  

What about you? Where have you been this year? Where are you planning on going? I'd really like to hear. Comment on this post and let me know.

PS - Church News:

1 – if you haven't been to LifePoint lately, it is going bananas. We are almost averaging 3000 each Sunday! Wow! I knew it when it was running around 400-500 each week.

This week we are beginning a new campus in the Stewart's Creek area. Check it out at lifepointchurch. We'd love to have you.

2 – REAL MARRIAGE is coming September 19 and 20. More on that later but you can get your tickets this Sunday in the concourse.

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