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Another Great Loss in America – and a Gain for Heaven

The homegoing of Paul Harvey was a sad loss for me personally. This was a truly great commentator. Yes he was conservative for sure, yet Harvey knew how to touch the heart of America with his down home wit and wisdom.

My favorite type of Paul Harvey material came from his patented "The Rest of the Story". I have read two books of his compilations of those broadcasts: Paul Harvey's the Rest of the Story and More of Paul Harvey's the Rest of the Story. You would enjoy them. They are a combination of mystery, romance, humor and history - more lasting no more than 2-3 pages my kind of chapters!) For example, one starts out "I bet you thought you had heard all of the stories about Abraham Lincoln, but I bet you haven't heard this one." He then begins the story with Lincoln getting killed by Indians. Somehow he is right and he doesn't re-write history in the process. (Let me know if you want to know how that one ends!???)

Suffice it to say that Harvey will be missed and that he made no secret of his faith in Christ. That was always the cool thing about him. He was so popular and such a strong believer!

No one will be noticed in heaven for probably millions of years when we first get there. Only the Lord will be seen and worshiped for a long time. It is how it should and will be I am confident. Yet when we lose a special loved one from here (this world) – I cannot help but think of the old saying – "heaven just got a little sweeter". Probably not theologically sound, but comforting to know that we will all be together one day.

Thanks, Paul, for your faith and your boldness to share it with us. You were an encouragement and inspiration to all who heard you. It is probably not my place to assess you on this, but to quote our Lord on what we all long to one day hear, "Well done, good and faithful servant".

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    I heard of his passing last night. He walked through the gates with my grandfather! Two great men!

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