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Finding ‘Pasture’ for our lives … from a Shepherd

Just a simple thought today. I am reading in the book of John, chapter 10 precisely. What a comfort, what a joy that He says He is "the Good Shepherd"?

One of the tremendous benefits that come from the Good Shepherd is found in John 10:9. Jesus tells us that we can go out and in (make our own choices, live our own lives, i.e. we are not robots) if we do so, as He says, "by Me". Everything done according to His will, by obeying His loving commands, we can "find pasture".

Just what is this 'pasture' Jesus is talking about?

It is everything. It is the abundant life He came to give us in that He mentioned in the very next verse.

It is self esteem in a world that seeks to destroy our self worth.

Finding pasture is security in a crazy/worry-filled/unpredictable/rain-falls-on-the-just-and-the-unjust world.

Pasture is also peace of mind in a world of hate and war.

Most of all, I think pasture is, for followers of Christ, is an awareness that the Lord will never leave nor forsake us.

You get the picture yet? Pasture is something we want. Not just a cute metaphor that Jesus threw out as He ran out of sermon material one day. No, it coincides nicely with this abundant life concept. It fits just right with the unconditional love He extends to us. It is consistent with the I John verse that says "God is love".

Spring is in the air and my lawn needs mowing. I will give it another week or so and try not to cut it too short at the first of the cutting season. I heard somewhere that it helps the roots. Actually, the deeper grass reminds me of the Shepherd story in John 10.

I challenge you to find rest, find peace, find the Lord this spring in the pasture He offers us.

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