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A Proud Moment for LifePoint Church

I boast completely in the Lord but I am so proud of our church. Tonight was the ordination of 3 men and the licensing of another from Team Bangkok as it sets its sights for Thailand. The Lord allowed me to witness tonight one of the most inspirational examinations of an ordination council I’ve ever experienced. The theological and spiritual maturity of this crew was incredible. Kyle Tanner, Steve Van Dyke, and Brandon Hathcock were amazing in their humility, yet wisdom.

When I was a kid in the ministry (and that was a loooong time ago!) a fellow, older staff member used to pray over me quite frequently that God would grant me “wisdom beyond my years”. I think to an extent God granted that persistent prayer. But compared to how these guys handled themselves tonight in the face of some tough theological questions, I don’t think I would have measured up.They all seem to have wisdom well beyond their years.

Noticed that I only mentioned 3 of the 4 men. The other is Seth Hood. Now I am proud of Seth for sure, having seen his journey for 15+ years now. I have seen how he has grown in the faith and that growth is significant. And I want him recognized for sure. But I’ll let his dad – his proud dad and our Senior Pastor – tell you about how Seth handled himself tonight.

I told Pat in front of the council tonight that he ought to be proud as a dad. He quickly assured me that he was. It wasn’t hard to detect. Pat beamed with a pride and thanks to God for all of them, but of course especially for Seth. You can read his comments at Pat’s blog.

A proud moment indeed for LifePoint. But again we boast only in the Lord, of course. How good He has been to our church. The future of LifePoint as it prepares to launch abroad is exciting and needs our support.

Please join me in praying for and in giving to the Team Bangkok cause as the Lord leads you.

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