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Team Bangkok: in Process … on Journey

Let’s talk about Team Bangkok. (We’ll cover Team Belgium later.) Selma and I recently visited Team Bangkok in Atlanta. In prep for their adventures in Thailand, they have been in Atlanta for the last FIVE MONTHS ministering like crazy to people of almost every ethnic shape, size and color. They have also been in a “grueling” schedule of school, focusing on missiology and theology. Reading and reporting on two books per week – that’s right – PER WEEK. Setting up a home and ministry in a land and culture thousands of miles from here ought to be cake compared to the school schedule they have endured in Atlanta.

One major observation I can make about everyone on this team: they have grown spiritually. They are close to the Lord, so pray for them – especially now. I remember in seminary discovering that when God calls you into a special ministry relationship with Him, the enemy works overtime to discourage you, lying to you, tempting you along with many other things he’s been doing for several millennia. Pray for their protection, for their marriages, that they will guard their hearts and stay pure, inside their marriage or in their singleness.

I am proud and grateful to Team Bangkok. No, they haven’t yet arrived at their destination, but spend a few moments with them and you catch their commitment. They actually cannot wait to get on the field. Isn’t that the way it should be? Oh that more people loved their jobs and were as passionate about the work they do.

Team Bangkok is coming home this weekend. “Home”, that is, here in Smyrna. In a sense they are really just passing through. Their sights and hearts are set for another land. If you see any of them at LifePoint this Sunday please offer them encouragement. Ask how they are doing and how specifically you can pray for them. We are their home church and they need to know we are with them. In the midst of your busy Sunday, ask God to make you aware of Team Bangkok this weekend and to find a way to love on them.

They are leaving for Thailand soon so let’s make the most of the time we have with them. A special group indeed and I am very proud of all of them already.

Here is Team Bangkok:

Bret and Susie Cox

Brandon and Crystal Hathcock

Steve and Tiffany Van Dyke

Kyle Tanner

Seth Hood

Brett and Beth Clark

Julia Biasi

I have emails if you’d like to connect with them that way. Just let me know.

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