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Six Essentials Wrap Up and a Small Miracle

Tonight …

Phil and Natalie are leading the last session in our series focusing on key elements that go into making a healthy marriage. It’s been a good, well-attended series with a great group. It is easier to teach when the group you are addressing is responsive and this one has not disappointed us.

Thanks for you support in this Wednesday night series. It has been a joy to be with you. I have one more request of you: if you have been a regular for this series, please come tonight and support Phil and Natalie Wilson as they share on the essential of Cultivate Communication.

Small Miracle in Miami …

I spoke Monday of this week to a group of Spanish-speaking book distributors and book sellers at a hotel in Miami on The Parent Adventure. After the talk, the leader’s assistant wanted to record me for about  a minute or so to put it on LifeWay Espanol’s Facebook page. We were in a huge hall away from all the noise so the recording would be clear. As we finished we walked by a couple of men not associated with the conference. One has overheard me talking about the chapter on “Letting Go”. He called out to me what I meant by that concept and said that he had a two-year-old. He asked for my name and the name of our book.

1) He asked if it was on Kindle. 2) I said yes. 3) He whipped out his iPad and ordered it right there as we talked.

I asked for his response after he read it and he said he would email me.

Small miracle? Perhaps, but it was indeed a clear reminder that if God wants a book sold, or whatever he wants done, it will be done. When a perfect stranger stops me and asks to buy my book that he’s never heard of before, it reinforced my belief in the sovereignty of our Lord.

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