27 April 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Let’s Talk About Sex!

Hey Guys,

Join us Wednesday night, April 28, as we focus on another essential of a healthy marriage. We call this one Celebrate Sex.

If you have seen my Facebook home page it has a quote from Christopher and Rachel McCluskey’s book, When Two Become One. It says …

“A married couple fostering a healthy sex life is like pouring super glue all over their relationship. ”

WOW! That about says it, plain and simple! It’s one of my all-time favorite quotes. What imagery! Want your marriage to become stronger? To bond more? To be more secure? Look at your improving sex life. That’s right. Your sex life. It’s a barometer, a ‘leading indicator’ of how the rest of your relationship is going.

‘How do we make our sex better’, you ask?

1) Take a look at When Two Become One.

2) Read Sheet Music by Kevin Leman.

3) Come to the Six Essentials of a Healthy Marriage Wednesday night! 6:30PM in the auditorium of the LifePoint Smyrna campus.

Hope to see you there. Like every session on sex Selma and I teach, we’ll have fun with it for sure!

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