12 April 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Six Essentials Turns Toward Marriage and God

A strong turnout for our entire Wednesday night offerings last week. A great start for the 6-week term. Eddie Mosley, our Group Life guy at LifePoint, is impressed and excited. Thanks for your positive comments on our first session of Hurry Home. For a Wednesday night, the energy in the auditorium was  quite high.

Now let’s look at this week. Wednesday, April 14, we will look at Include God. This will highlight the spiritual intimacy side of marriage. Note that we are not digressing from marriage enrichment. Rather, your spiritual life is an essential of a healthy marriage. It will never be what it can be without including the Lord in your everyday life together. Selma and I will cover how to share where you are spiritually with each other, especially if you’ve never “gone there” before. Your marriage has opportunity to go to another whole new level of intimacy when you include God.

Finally, if you missed last week, don’t worry. You can jump in at any time as these essentials are not necessarily built on each other. They stand alone and you can learn from the ones you attend. We want you there every time of course, but come when you can. You are welcome for sure!

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