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Rodney and Selma Begin Series of Six Wednesday PM Talks on Marriage

Tomorrow night, April 7, Selma and I are beginning a series we are calling “The Six Essentials of a Healthy Marriage.” Each of the six sessions will begin on Wednesday at 6:30PM and will go about an hour in the auditorium of LifePoint Church, Smyrna campus.

The sessions will actually be a review of the essentials we have covered through several marriage events over the last 2-3 years. Here is where we are beginning.

April 7 — Hurry Home

Others are listed below. Note that they are not in any particular order at this time. I will keep you posted on this blog each week as to what is coming up. Here are the other five essentials:

* Include God

* Cultivate Communication

* Celebrate Sex

* Nurture Romance

* Treasure Trust

We sure hope to see you there.

Every marriage needs a boost once in a while. Is this your time?

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