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Monday Morning Marriage Thoughts

I know it’s Monday but here are a couple of thoughts I came across on the subject of marriage. They are both from Mike Mason’s book, The Mystery of Marriage.


“Marriage is not the joining of two worlds, but an abandoning of two worlds in order that one new one might be formed.”

“In marriage a man is given the opportunity of seeing one woman, one person, as he has never seen any other woman or person before. Marriage not only affords us as deep a glimpse into the heart and soul of another being as we shall ever have, but it cannot survive without deliberately striving to preserve the spontaneity and freshness of this insight. And how we long for such freshness! There is a giddy taste of it in the experience of falling in love, but only a loving marriage offers the long, deep, steady draught of it which, perhaps without even knowing it, we crave.”

Pretty heady stuff for a Monday. Feel free to return and read it on Tuesday. Maybe it will digest better then.

However, these thoughts, deep as they are, offer up the strong argument that commitment – in the context of marriage – contains the key to the quality and depth of intimacy we desire in our lives. The Lord is of course the giver of every good gift. The above statements simply remind us what His gift of marriage offers.

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