28 March 2010 ~ 0 Comments

My Daughter’s “International Wedding Anniversary”

David and Jennifer have been married 4 years on March 25. two days ago. They have never celebrated a wedding anniversary in the USA.

David is our student pastor at LifePoint. He and Jen have taken a group of students to Brasil each of the last four years on spring break, on which March 25 always falls. This year, they ‘celebrated’ with David’s mother-in-law. That would be my wife, Selma, as she was one of the adult leaders who went.

So proud of their experiences as I’ve kept up with them through several blogs. (Selma’s even called a couple of times. By the end of next year we ought to have those two calls paid for!) If you want, you can take a quick look and even see a few pics of what they’ve experienced. Please pray for their safe arrival home as they travel overnight TONIGHT.

Here is David’s blog. In one of his postings David has a link to Alan’s blog as well. Alan is one of the great leaders on the team.


Let’s see, by the time Selma and I had our 4th wedding anniversary, I think I was taking her to Sonic …

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