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LifeWay’s ‘Marriage Man’

Mark Satterfield is doing an amazing job as the "marriage enrichment guru" (my title for him) at LifeWay. He is constantly looking for ways to help couples improve their marriages either through new events or to give the established ones a new approach.

My kind of guy for sure.

Here is a snippit (is that a word?) taken from a recent posting on his blog. (See the link above.) Check out his blog. He's a cool guy with a cool marriage message.

And although your marriage may at times seem like it is already this old (!), let this brief story be an encouragement to you and your marriage. It can be done!

 Frank and Anita Milford of Plymouth, England celebrated their 81st wedding anniversary last week.  Frank (101 yrs old)
 and Anita (100 yrs old) just so happen to be the longest living married couple in the UK.  They married in 1928 and
 advise couples to never go to bed angry.  What a beautiful couple!

Check out their story on these youtube clips:



WOW! Congratulations to the Milfords and thanks, Mark, for sharing that story with us.

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  1. Mark Satterfield 8 June 2009 at 7:23 am Permalink

    Rodney, thanks for the kind words and recommendation to your readers! Look for a lunch invite very soon.

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