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Thoughts from Sunday’s Message

Pat Hood’s message Sunday was special in that it contained several what could come to be cliches. The words he shared were simply memorable phrases, easily applicable to where we are today. A trademark for Pat’s messages: relevance.  He spoke from Luke 6. (We are going through the entire book of Luke this year and it is already an amazing adventure.) Here are a few thoughts from yesterday from Luke 6:

* v. 39 The bind can’t lead the blind. (I didn’t say they were all original!)

*v. 40 You cannot lead someone beyond where you are. He has said that to our staff for years. Each time I hear it I find myself studying more into marriage and family issues, to be able to lead our marriage planning team and couples at LifePoint into more growth.

* v. 41f  Concerning the speck of dust in your brother’s eye: someone overwhelmed with their own righteousness cannot help someone overwhelmed with their own sin. WOW!

* v. 43f  What you put inside you will overflow. You will bear the fruit that is inside you. “For our of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.”

God, help me to put godly things of You inside me, for I want to help people with godly advice and not junk. I know I am capable of giving them either.

1) Won’t you join me in this same prayer that we can be effectively used by Him today?

2) If you are in the area, don’t miss the services @ LifePoint. Or if you have a computer (tee-hee), catch each message online @ LifePoint Church. The worship is incredible and the messages truly rich and sooo applicable to our lives today.

Have a great week!

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