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Birthday, Movie and Biking Weekend

We had a memorable weekend. My wife turned another year … better. Sunday was Selma's birthday so we did the whole weekend thing. Now it's gonna sound like we are major movie fanatics, which we are not. We go once in a while but sometimes we go in binges. (Like two.)

Here are some excerpts from our weekend:

FRIDAY NIGHT – We went to see "Up" the movie. It was a cool animated story with a strong marriage underlining the entire movie. Lots of fun. Clean and creative story line. You would enjoy it.

SATURDAY NIGHT – We wanted to see "Night at the Museum 2" but guess what: we hadn't see the first one. So we search all of Rutherford County looking to rent #1 and couldn't find it anywhere. So, we did an impulsive thing (a rarity for us), we went to Best Buy and bought it and watched it that night. Another strong movie in that it was clean and innovative. I had flashbacks of Jumanji when I saw Robin Williams and all those animals running around everywhere.

Now we are ready for NATM #2, if only we can get back to the theater before it is taken off the big screen …  

SUNDAY – After worship the family gave our gifts to Selma over a birthday lunch. Then, Selma and I loaded up our bikes (30th wedding anniversary gifts from 3 years ago) and headed to Brentwood to conquer another Greenway. We rode for close to an hour and never got anywhere near to the end of the trails. Not only are they long, they are growing!

I gotta say, that is one Gorgeous Greenway. At times I felt like I was in the Smokies! Plenty of hills to keep you awake, but some awesome and shady beauty. I will have fun running on that Greenway, perhaps when I am training for a longer run (another marathon?) this fall … with Selma biking beside me.

Running update:

I just passed 300 miles for the year. PTL! Doing 4-5 milers, trying to build up after the calf debacles. Feeling well now. Selma did bike with me while I ran Saturday for 4 miles. She liked it and so did I (especially when she had water for me at mile 2!)

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